July 17, 2011

The Best Type of Games

People will tell me that their favorite game ever is Call of Duty or Halo or something. They'll tell me something that everyone knows about and it isn't unique at all. I've always have had a different opinions on games and enjoyed the more obscure ones.

What I mean is I like to play the games that no one is playing and tell everyone about how good it is. What's an example of this? Well, one that I can think of quickly is Timesplitters. My brother hit the jackpot when he found this game. It was Christmas morning and we had just gotten a PS2, but didn't have any games. My dad took my brother out to some store and told him to pick out one game. He looked around a little and spotted Timesplitters. It looked very interesting to him so he asked if he could get it. My dad was a little hesitant since it was rated T, but fortunately he got it for us and we discovered a cult classic.

I haven't met much people that are my age who have played the original Timesplitters. It's easily one of the best games I have played and is an example of a true good game. Now, to get to my point. The best games around are the games that are extremely original but nobody knows about. There's a lot of unbelievable Indie games out there now that are way better then any of the mainstream games out there. Once you discover these, they will be games you never forget.

July 16, 2011

Hope for the Future of Gaming

I haven't been able to buy a game for a long time. I just recently obtained enough money for a new game and was probably going to buy Gears of War 3 with that. Then I looked on IGN (I hate IGN btw) and saw a sort of odd game called Catherine. I had never seen anything like it. Then, I went on Xbox live to play some Halo 3 and noticed there was a demo. I decided that maybe it wouldn't hurt to actually see what it's like. I started it up and immediately noticed the out of date graphics, but that didn't bother me that much. Also, I've never been a fan of anime so I kind of got turned off a little by that, but again decided to ignore it. The first level started and it honestly blew my mind. I never thought such a simple concept could be so intriguing.

Basically, all you do in each of the levels is climb to the top of the main character's (Vincent) dreams. You have to move the blocks certain ways in order to climb and it's gets very intense because there's something chasing after you or the blocks are falling. It gives a lot of symbolism of what Vincent is going through.

The story is pretty well thought out too. It's definitely a more mature theme, but I think you are able to relate to the situation even if you have no idea what it's like. The story is rather simple, you're a 32 year old man who's being pressured by your girlfriend of five years to marry her while having an affair with another girl. It shows his internal struggle of how he wants to live his life. I don't know much more than this though.

I just personally thought that this game is the most original game I have seen all year and it's good to see something out of the ordinary. It gave me hope that some game developers are still creating new ideas of how games should be made. I already have pre-ordered it and it's going to arrive at my house on July 26.

July 15, 2011

My Two Cents on Call of Duty: Elite

You may or may not know this already but I am not a Call of Duty fan. I've recently saw this new thing that they're doing that's called "Elite" that looks like a decent addition to the Call of Duty community. You get a chance to view your games in depth, see where you die a lot on heatmaps, and get a chance to improve in the Call of Duty community. Basically, it's broken off into four sections: Career, Connect, Compete, and Improve.

Career basically gives you insight on how much and how good you play. It show you heat maps so you can see the danger zones of the maps and give you an idea of where you die a lot and where you get kills a lot. You can also look at all of your friends' stats as well.

Connect is just like it sounds; you connect with the Call of Duty community. It's pretty much the Facebook for CoD. You can find "like-minded" players, as Jason Ades describes it, and set up times to play with them on CoD. One other feature on Connect is the theater.  It works a lot like videos on Facebook. You can tag your friends so they can see it and there's going to be staff favorites and stuff like that.

Next is Compete. This section is kind of interesting. It shows you upcoming events and operations. What are these things you say? Well, events are pretty much fun contests your able to enter. An example that Jason Ades gave during the Gamespot interview was a screenshot competition where people submit their best screenshots and people vote for the best one. From these, your able to win various prizes and stuff. Operations are the same thing but are more skill based competition. An example would be capturing the most flags in a week or something like that. I believe there are tournaments as well but I'm unsure about that. Rewards are pretty much the same but I think in the interview Jason Ades said something about you get the chance to compete with pros, so that's kind of a cool feature.

Last section is Improve. This isn't really much. It's just a section where you can see where everything is on the maps and see stats and tips for all the guns. Not really much improvement can actually be made with this feature. All of these "Elite" features can be yours for the price of $60 per year.

Okay, let me just start my thoughts on this by saying: THIS IS A JOKE! Sixty bucks for this crap? I'd rather buy another game.The Career and Connect sections are both going to be free though. It's not original at all so I have no idea why they're hyping this up so much. Career is the exact same thing as Bungie.net and Connect is pretty much Facebook and Youtube combined. There's going to be "premium" videos that you need the premium subscription to watch and I'm sure they will be worse quality then what you find on Youtube.

Compete isn't really what I thought it would be. I thought it would be something like Game Battles where you have a team and look for serious matches, but I was wrong. It's just dumb competitions where the chances of you winning is probably lower than the lottery. I guess there is tournaments but still, I'd say that Game Battles looks better so far. If your looking for serious competition, just go on Game Battles.

One problem with the whole improve part; you gotta suck at FPS to be bad at the game. I'm not a hardcore player at all but my ratio in every Call of Duty game has been positive and I barely even play the game. Last time I checked, my ratio was 1.49 in Black Ops and my motivation was winning, not getting kills. One time, me and my friends decided we would actually try instead of screwing around (even though we were still just foolin' around) we went on a 30 game winning streak. Sure these friends were awesome at the game, but my point is that it's really easy to be good.

Another big problem with the improve part is it's just a crappy guide. The tips are pointless and the maps are even more pointless. It's better to actually go into the actual game to see these poorly designed maps yourself.

All in all, I do not recommend that you get this. It's not worth the money. You aren't going to get any better from using this and it's just gonna burn a hole through your pocket.

July 12, 2011

Youtube Channel

Just made a Youtube account. CHECK IT OUT, MAN!!! No videos yet, but will be uploading let's play videos along with vlogs so please check that out.

July 11, 2011

Real Tennis Champion

I don't know how many people watched the Wimbledon finals, but for those who did, you saw who the best tennis player in the world is at the moment. I kind of disagree that Djokovic is the best. There was one person that I know that is a lot better than him. Who is this person? Well I'll show you a couple of his best matches.

This may not be his best match but take note of how he is able to dodge the laser beams while still being able to return the volleys. Now I thought this match was a little unfair. I mean it was 4 vs 1. Luckily he was able to kill some of his opponents making it a tad bit easier.

Now this is one of his more famous matches against tennis rival, Gannondorf. I thought Ganondorf should have been flagged with unsportsmanlike conduct. I mean, he mocks Link after every single volley that he uses. But in the end Link manages to pull off a victory against all odds. Link was working him very well, too. If you notice, he's very out of breath at the end of the match.

This may be one of Link's easier matches. His opponent serves it, but never is able to return it. It's really sad actually how Link embarrasses Agahnim like this.

This another match that Link has against Agahnim. Even though he cheats and makes two clones of himself, Link still manages to embarrass him.

This doesn't start out as a tennis match, but it becomes full blown as Phantom Ganon gets angry after falling off his horse. Link is able to make short work of him though.

Yet another fight with Phantom Ganon. Again, Link is able to beat him.

The final match against Phantom Ganon. He uses a different tactic this time. After every volley he pretends he dies, then shows up for another in the next room. Very tricky but no match for Link's skills.

So as you can see, Link is probably the best tennis player in the world. I would like to see Djokovic to even try to face him.

We Demand Timesplitters 4!

I was a huge fan of the Timesplitters series since the first one ever came out for PS2. Seeing the demise of Free Radical almost made me cry. It meant we aren't going to see Battlefront III and Timesplitters 4 is still iffy. It appears that Crytek might be making the game, but if you were a fan of the game and read this, please sign this petition. It already has over 18,000 signatures, but I still want to see more.Crytek has hinted for a long time that they were going to be developing it, but their most recent statement was they were "thinking" about it. This game needs to be made. Convince them to make it!

July 8, 2011

Deciphering The Legend of Zelda Part 3

Okay, found what I wanted from Ocarina of time and I'm now ready to make a timeline. The next two games are possibly the best in the series and were the first 3D Zelda adventures in the series. Let me just say I just about crapped my pants when I saw how good Ocarina of Time looked and I was 6! Obviously it's now a little dated but still is a great game. But what's this? A game that completely throws off the timeline? It's gonna get a little more tricky from here on out so be prepared to get mind-effed while I break down the classic N64 game.

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

This game has some of the best storytelling I've ever seen. They really hit the nail on the head with this one. There are some key details that give us an idea of how the timeline unfolds, but let me just explain the plot first. Just kidding it will take too long. Read This if you have to.

Take note of where the Master Sword is in this game. It's in the Temple of Time. But wasn't it in a forest in A Link to the Past? So that means it either wasn't always there or something happened to the Temple of Time. Either way, I think we all can assume that Ocarina of Time has to come before A Link to the Past.

Remember the ending to the game? You defeat Ganon and Zelda sends you back in time and you put away the Master Sword. Well that means in the time where you came from there is no hero, right? I'm not going to get into how time works because I don't have all day. But just think about it, you go through all these events which is one timeline, then you get sent back in time which makes another point in time. If you've ever played the game Timesplitters: Future Perfect then I think you will understand it. But just remember this because it creates a split in the timeline.

Another important note to remember is something in the Biggoron's Sword Quest. When go to return the strange potion to the creepy cuckoo guy that Kokiri girl tells you he turned into a stalfos after getting lost in the woods. I know many people have heard this theory and probably know what I'm talking about, but some people may not. A lot of you are probably bashing your heads against your desk too because I know a lot of people strongly disagree with this, but either way keep this in your head because it serves an important role to my timeline.

There's a lot of unexplained things at the end of the game as well. Like what time was Link sent back too. Was it before or after he got the Spiritual Stones? If it was before, how is the Door of Time open? If it's after, then why do we see Zelda in the Castle Garden? It's all a mystery but my guess is there has to be a way that the Adult Timeline Zelda opens up the Door of Time without the use of the Spiritual Stones. Then Link would be able to warn Zelda of what Ganondorf's intentions were which is probably what you see in the Castle Garden cutscene at the end of the game.

So Ocarina of Time is kind of confusing, right? Hopefully it might make more sense as more games are released.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

This game starts you out in a forest looking for your bud, Navi the Fairy. You get attacked by a skull kid wearing a crazy mask and he steals your Ocarina of Time then turns you into a Deku Scrub. He accidentally leaves one of his two fairies behind who happen to be sisters. This upsets the fairy and asks you to help her find her sister and in return she will help you become human again. Okay, that's cool. You go set out to go find him and you run into the mysterious Happy Mask Salesman. He tells you that the mask skull kid is wearing is very rare and holds mysterious power. So you agree to help him too. So you go to find the Skull Kid and right before the moon crashes into the clock tower, you get your Ocarina back and play the Song of Time which sends you back in time kind of like the end of Ocarina of Time. So with your Ocarina you learn a song that turns you back into human and you get a mask that can turn you back into a Deku Scrub. Okay now you  have to find the four giants in order to stop the moon from crashing, so you do that the moon stops, but then the mask goes into the moon and starts to bring the moon down again. So you go in the moon, fight the mask, and win. The end.

Okay, so my storytelling isn't as good as the game's storytelling but you get the point of what happens. There's only a few things to remember in this game. Remember the design of Majora's Mask and the idea of Link searching for Navi through the woods. The second part is really important.

Remember this design

Stick around for more updates on the timeline it gets pretty interesting after this.